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Monday, March 8, 2010

Mitt Romney surpasses Scott Brown for number on the ABBO2012 Top 10

1 Mitt Romney
2 Newt Gingrich
3 Sarah Palin
4 Scott Brown
5 Paul Ryan
6 Tim Pawlenty
7 Mike Huckabee
8 Evan Bayh
9 Hillary Clinton
10 Colin Luther Powell

A few of the week of 3/7 Highlights…
Sarah Palin appears on Leno and Mitt Romney appears on Letterman on Wednesday. Sarah was pretty as usual and as is her custom, got a few laughs on herself ala SNL. Mitt, on the other hand, tried to come across as personable, knowledgeable and possessing of the gravitas that all serious presidential candidates need. Both Palin and Romney were successful on the late night circuit.

The very next day, Juan Williams reminded Sean Hannity that much of Palin’s appeal is due quite simply to her attractiveness! Both Hannity and his other guest, SE Cupp, feigned indignance at the suggestion but Williams said what many have known and thought privately for some time. Sarah Palin looks incredible for a 40something mother of 5, a grandmother, a former governor and v-p candidate not to mention her being married to a hunky 40something competitive snowmobile racer. The fact that Sarah and Todd just happen to be here high school sweethearts makes theirs a story that many would consider storybook.

Unfortunately, there’s a green-eyed monster that makes this storybook marriage a double edged/double standard sword for Governor Palin. Not that I’m an ’objectionable racist’ but many white women despise Sarah Palin because she is so attractive and more importantly that she appears too attractive to possibly be competent to lead on a national level. She didn’t help her credibility by shopping a reality show this week. I say make that money girl. You’ve got a family to support and the means to earn a good living. Just do it!

Romney, on the other hand, promoted a new book this week while dissing the President on everything under the sun. Mitt is a money man so this whole economic crisis is right in his wheel house. Look for the Mittster to pillory Barackus Obama much the way candidate Obama teed off on George with his every campaign breath. Let’s see if Mr. Obama can be as gracious while being attacked and blamed on a daily basis as was POTUS43 in the final two years of his 8-year administration.

Scott Brown’s week started with his support of the Dems Jobs Bill and culminated with his campaigning for John McCain in Arizona. Who does he think he is - Sarah Palin? Just the very idea that Scott Brown is already prostituting his campaign mystique diminishes his new found influence to near nothing. This single act of influence peddling is enough to knock him from atop the ABBO2012 Top 10. Scott Brown’s fall takes his companion ‘placeholder’ Colin Powell from a top spot as well.

Newt Gingrich moves up the Top 10 despite my every intention for him to remain in the middle of the pack. My only explanation is that it seems exactly right based on all that I sense at this point. I advise watching what Newt does in the next several weeks.

Paul Ryan looks better every time I see his contribution to the Healthcare Summit replayed on CNN or Fox. Barack Obama was unable to speak intelligently following Mr. Ryan‘s most eloquent and respectful dismantling of the rhetoric delivered by Mr. Obama to his captive audience. Ryan is an Authority on the subject of Healthcare in America. All things considered, Ryan shapes up as a much stronger number two on a 2012 presidential ticket than Gingrich ever would.

Hillary Clinton delivers 20 satellite phones to Chile on Tuesday. The whole thing seemed odd in a ‘what’s wrong with this picture’ kind of way. With each passing day, Obama’s failures make a primary challenge Clinton or maybe Evan Bayh, a less remote possibility.

Stay tuned.

Honorable Mention:
Rick Santorum
John Thune
Mike Pence
Rudy Giuliani
Mitch Daniels
Haley Barbour
Bobby Jindal
Ron Paul
Robert Gates
Michael Bloomberg
Jenny Ryan
General David Patreus

1 comment:

  1. "Unfortunately, there’s a green-eyed monster... Not that I’m an ’objectionable racist’ but many white women despise Sarah Palin because she is so attractive and more importantly that she appears too attractive to possibly be competent to lead on a national level."

    You folks need to get your stories straight. Are us liberal women afraid of Palin because she's so brilliant, or jealous of her incredible beauty? Oh! I understand your confusion! Since you're jealous because Obama is smarter, richer, more successful, better looking, more personable, more respected, happier, better educated, more eloquent, cute as a button, and President of the United States, you just assume women are jealous of Palin. Sorry. Wrong again.

    ps - what has racism got to do with Palin?