Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mitt Romney’s first full week as number on the ABBO2012 Top 10

Mitt Romney’s first full week as number on the ABBO2012 Top 10
1 Mitt Romney
2 Newt Gingrich
3 Sarah Palin
4 Scott Brown
5 Paul Ryan
6 Tim Pawlenty
7 Mike Huckabee
8 Evan Bayh
9 Hillary Clinton
10 Colin Luther Powell

A few of the week of 3/14 Highlights…
Mitt Romney on the View 3/10/10 and I’d characterize his appearance as a Grand Slam. Ultra Liberal Joy Behar just so hot for Mitt it was embarrassing. Wiggling on the couch, she proclaimed enthusiastically that Romney and new MA Senator Scott Brown are Hunky. Begging the pardon of those whose ‘delicate sensibilities’ may be offended by this next assertion but Joy Behar gave every impression that she was willing to allow Mitt to have his way with her and I’m not so sure that’s not what she suggested as she leaned toward him and he recoiled away. Save for one comment about marrying above himself, the entire panel seemed to hang on Mitt’s every word. He was very magnetic. He could potentially get Oprah’s support in 2012. (LOL)

Mike Pence asserts that if they (Dems) had the votes, as had been boasted, we’d be voting. Regarding the subject of repeal, Mr. Pence still didn’t believe that the Democrats could pass this wholly unpopular bill. Also indicated that House Republicans propose no more earmark spending for this congress.

Paul Ryan appeared on Hannity and other programs speaking out against healthcare. He becomes more recognized as an authority in the reform debate as a vote on the unpopular bill nears. []-[] bccohan RT @philipaklein This actually looks like the "shell" bill Paul Ryan warned of. It's an old bill dusted off (i,e, Includes public option)

Rick Santorum has been in front of the camera every other day but is starting to get lost in the ‘white balance’.

Honorable Mention:
Rick Santorum
John Thune
Mike Pence
Rudy Giuliani
Mitch Daniels
Haley Barbour
Bobby Jindal
Ron Paul
Robert Gates
Michael Bloomberg
Jenny Ryan
General David Patreus

Stay tuned.

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