Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Solly Forell’s Playbook for Defeating Barack Obama (enter at your own risk!)

Solly Forell’s Playbook for Defeating Barack Obama

Game Plan:
Take the game to our opponent Barack Obama right now. Speak in Specific Terms about why you oppose Barack Obama. Don’t be afraid to speak publicly about your displeasure with the Obama Presidency and that your intention is to vote this conscience in November and again in November 2012. Make it clear that you’d want Barack Obama out of the White House in 2012 whether he was Black, White or Green.

When on Offense:
Aim Barack Obama’s policies back at him. Since he’s so fond of reform, demand immediate and sweeping Welfare Entitlement Reform Legislation that levels the playing field for those who should chip in more. After spending every single day of his Presidency spending taxpayer dollars, vilifying Wall Street and the Insurance Industry while levying taxes on everything in sight, why shouldn’t Obama be forced to level his reform ire at the ‘sit on your butt and wait for a check’ entitlement recipients? They are, after all, breeding a significant portion of our children’s future debt and will be responsible for an overwhelming majority of the crime our children will be faced with in the future. Start talking about it Right Now. The results will be dramatic!

When on Defense:
Full court press his entire Administration save for bright spots SOSOTUS Clinton and SODOTUS Gates. Put a body on everybody and ride ‘em till Barack Obama leaves Washington in 2013. David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel Tim Geitner should get the business daily. And For God’s Sake keep a Microphone in VP Joe Biden’s face! Don’t be dissuaded by claims of racism. Tell them Solly Forell said “Opposing Barack Obama is as American as celebrating Martin Luther King Day. To suggest otherwise would be un-American.”

In November:
Nullify the balance of the Obama Presidency by taking but one of the houses of Congress at the ballot box. Though taking both houses of Congress is improbable, it is important to note that this unlikely occurrence would save our children trillions of dollars in a single day of voting.

In November 2012:
Bang the Democrats like a drum whose beat escorts Barack Obama and the balance of Obama’s attempt to overthrow America out of Washington. His Left Wing, Socialist tasting, wealth realignment must be voted out of the White House and out of Washington all together.

Before I adjourn this brief skull session please realize the following:
1- Liberals have hounded me like a runaway slave hoping for my arrest, torture and death.
2- Solly_Forell on Twitter is just that… still on Twitter. There’s a good reason for that.
3- Americans don’t read for comprehension as we used to. Everyone’s moving too fast to notice subtleties. Take for instance the 280 characters that upset so many and caused the mainstream media to TOTALLY FABRICATE what they should have recognized as the following:
a- not 280 characters calling for anything to happen to anybody
b- two 140 character tweets that featured suggestive meanings of the ‘ultimate indifference’ and Mitt Romney/ABBO (Anybody But Barack Obama) in 2012 respectively! Hint: On the latter, McCain was unsuccessful with his. Review the tweets. Liberals are Blinded by Barack Obama and not particularly literate.
4- Don’t worry about Liberals seeing this TOP SECRET Playbook! Since I’m still on Twitter and not in Federal Prison they just want me to keep quiet. ABC, CBS and NBC sought me out then aired and published purposely false interpretations of my tweets. With their having already read my other blogs that clearly indicated no violent intent they painted me as what they wanted and made themselves a story. Now that I can no longer be propped up as someone promoting harm, I am no longer of interest to the mainstream media. ABC, CBS and NBC have stopped calling. FOX never took the bait.
5- Pursuant to this attitude exhibited by Liberals and the Liberal Mainstream Media - Please say the name Solly Forell as often as you can and insist that they look me up on the internet. If they want to do a Monkey Dance, send them my way.
6- Don’t be a Racist, be an Obama-ist. Don’t let anyone suggest that opposition to Barack Obama is un-American.
7- If you can find Solly Forell - hire him!