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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Paul Ryan Leapfrogs Tim Pawlenty in This Week's ABBO2012 Top 10

Anybody But Barack Obama 2012 Top 10 for 2/28/10
1 Scott Brown
2 Colin Luther Powell
3 Sarah Palin
4 Mitt Romney
5 Newt Gingrich
6 Paul Ryan
7 Tim Pawlenty
8 Mike Huckabee
9 Evan Bayh
10 Hillary Clinton

Though I am still experimenting with the presentation format, a solid field of possible Barack Obama replacements is coming together. What has become supremely important lately, given Luis Farrakhan’s pronouncement that Barack Obama’s Assassination is a certainty, is the selection of a competent number two. Joe Biden’s incompetence is all the proof anyone needs to justify considering number 2 when deciding who number 1 should be.

That brings me to the very first of what I’m sure will be a plethora of conundrums en route to the ticket that will ultimately replace Barack Obama and Joe Biden in 2012: Mitt Romney and Scott Brown.

For the sake of discussion, let’s designate Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee for President in 2012. Convention dictates that a nominee select a running mate that governs or has national influence centered in a distinctly different part of the country. With both Romney and Brown being from Massachusetts, it is highly unlikely that the two will ever be on the same ticket in pursuit of the Presidency.

Conclusion: If Mitt Romney doesn’t get the Republican nomination, Scott Brown could become the eventual nominee’s vice-presidential running mate. If Mitt Romney does get the nomination, one of the others noted in this field should be his running mate. The goal must be to maintain a running dialogue on these names until the most likely successful scenarios become obvious - which ticket combination defeats Obama/Biden in 2012.

Ironically, neither of these central figures have caught my eye or even pinged my radar since CPAC2010 but several others have. At the top of my list of notables this week and last is Congressman Paul Ryan who over the last eight days has become a rather substantial authority in the ongoing healthcare debate. His star will only rise as the debate reaches critical mass. He and Scott Brown have been dipped in the same well-spring of good fortune. They both have endless potential at this point.

Stay tuned.

Honorable Mention:
Rick Santorum [2% 2010 CPAC ‘2012’ Straw Poll]
Appeared on ‘On the Record’ 3/2 giving explaining ‘votorama’ as it relates to the ‘Reconciliation’ process. If healthcare reform - in its present form - can stand the carnival side-show that’s coming, I’ll eat a candy hat.

John Thune [2% 2010 CPAC ‘2012’ Straw Poll]
Appeared on ‘On The Record’ 3/2 giving his take on the viability of ‘Reconciliation’. All politicians are giving interviews as though their job could be on the line.

Mike Pence
Rudy Giuliani
Mitch Daniels [2% 2010 CPAC ‘2012’ Straw Poll]
Haley Barbour [1% 2010 CPAC ‘2012’ Straw Poll]
Bobby Jindal
Ron Paul
Robert Gates
Michael Bloomberg
Jenny Ryan
General David Patreus

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